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For those looking for a free systems analyser - Hunting For the Golden Goose (Systems)
Thanks to the help of one of our Irish users we now have the Irish courses added to the course config tables. There is only one config per course, but if the straight track is significantly different from the round course then let me know and we'll add an entry for those distances - Racecourses - Surface/Configuration
The - Dobbing Overview Cards - have been enhanced to include sire stats, Trainer stats, and Jockey stats. If you find any problems with them - please let me know. All profit/loss are to Betfair stating prices with 5% commission removed.
Patternform Cards - 18 Aug 19 ............... Moneyform Cards - 18 Aug 19 ...............
Patternform Cards - 19 Aug 19 ............... Moneyform Cards - 19 Aug 19 ...............
Patternform Cards - 20 Aug 19 ............... Moneyform Cards - 20 Aug 19 ...............
Dobbing Overview Cards 18 Aug 19 (old format) Dobbing Overview Cards 18 Aug 19
Dobbing Overview Cards 19 Aug 19 (old format) Dobbing Overview Cards 19 Aug 19
Dobbing Overview Cards 20 Aug 19 (old format) Dobbing Overview Cards 20 Aug 19
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