Patternform Racetypes -
Races with a "f" or "m" as the last letter
are restricted to mares or fillies.
Race typeDescription
cl Claimer
g1 Group 1 flat race
g2 Group 2 flat race
g3 Group 3 flat race
hc Handicap flat race
hcl Listed Handicap flat race
l Listed flat race
md Maiden
mdac Maiden auction
nv Novice
sl Seller
bd Banded
ch Chase
chg1 Grade 1 chase
chg2 Grade 3 chase
chg3 Grade 3 chase
chl Listed
clh Claiming hurdle
h Hurdle (mainly Irish)
hcch Handicap chase
hcchg2 Grade 2 Handicap chase
hcchg3 Grade 3 Handicap chase
hcchl Listed Handicap chase
hch Handicap hurdle
hchg2 Grade 2 Handicap hurdle
hchg3 Grade 3 Handicap hurdle
hchl Listed Handicap hurdle
hg1 Grade 1 hurdle
hg2 Grade 2 hurdle
hg3 Grade 3 hurdle
hl Listed hurdle
hntch Hunter chase
mdch Maiden chase
mdh Maiden hurdle
mdhc Maiden handicap
mdnhf Maiden National Hunt Flat race
nhf National Hunt Flat race
nhfg1 Grade 1 National Hunt Flat race
nhfg2 Grade 2 National Hunt Flat race
nvch Novice chase
nvchg1 Grade 1 Novice chase
nvchg2 Grade 2 Novice chase
nvchg3 Grade 3 Novice chase
nvchl Listed Novice chase
nvh Novice hurdle
nvhcch Novice handicap chase
nvhcchl Listed Novice handicap chase
nvhch Novice handicap hurdle
nvhchl Listed Novice handicap hurdle
nvhg1 Grade 1 Novice hurdle
nvhg2 Grade 3 Novice hurdle
nvhg3 Grade 3 Novice hurdle
nvhl Listed Novice hurdle
nvhntch Novice Hunter chase
Oth Other type of race